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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Working journalists are the answer not the problem

I don’t know why so many things in the newspaper business still stun me.  I should be inured by now to the craziness, but I’m not. The memo on Romenesko from Chicago Tribune associate editor Jocelyn Winnecke has me shaking my head.  The memo tells Tribune staffers their attitude is going to be assessed as […]

The access flap: Public perception and the fight for relevancy

The White House decision to restrict access to events such as the second swearing-in while distributing White House photos to the wire serves is one of those press issues most press people will care deeply about.  Regular citizens, like the person who shares my name and sleeps with me, not so much. My former journalist […]

Nobody focuses on the newspaper genius of the Cowles family

The bankruptcy shoe finally dropped for the Minneapolis Star Tribune last night. It was the least surprising piece of Minnesota footwear since fur-lined boots . Since Avista stopped making debt payments and then conducted a three-act drama with their unions, last night’s filing was a certainty. A lot of numbers are being tossed around so […]

The newspaper demise is accelerating; the market must respond

I’ve been away from this blog for about five weeks and it seems like five years. The pace of the newspaper business demise has become so dramatic, it defies clever description and articulate expression. Sunday night, a non-newspaper friend brought me Michael Hirschorn’s unequivocating Atlantic article saying the New York Times could shut down by […]