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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Getting students involved

Today I have been asked to participate in a Cronkite School session on teaching methods.  Instructors will be coming together come together to share their thoughts on how to involve students in class discussion.  This is what I am going to share with that group. I don’t teach “stuff.” I teach to provoke thought. I […]

When the sheriff comes for me: When do we cover political abuse?

Since the time of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the relationship between the press and politicians has been strained, contentious and controversial.  Despite what some politicians think, the press tries to be civil, but that has to be balanced with aggressive attention to the interests of the public. The most remarkable press/politician relationship I have […]

Political campaign highlights diversity challenges

We are at a remarkable junction in our political and media history.  It is going to be fascinating to see how history judges politics and the media after we have had a 71-year-old candidate for president, a mixed-race candidate for president, a female vice presidential candidate and a woman who just missed getting the Democratic […]

Transparency for newspapers is crucial in times of change

Front page letters to readers from editors are an age-old mechanism for sharing new features, innovations and improvements in your newspaper with readers. Randy Lovely, Editor, vice-president /news of the Arizona Republic, wrote one of those letters on Monday, Sept. 29, and then again the following Sunday, Oct. 6. Lovely wrote: “For more than a […]

East Valley Tribune making dramatic move

In one of the most dramatic announcements in the recent decline of newspapers, The East Valley Tribune in Mesa Az. announced Monday that in January the publication will transform from a daily publication into a four-day-a-week free print newspaper and a seven-day online newspaper. Publisher Julie Moreno made the announcement about 11:30 a.m. (PST).  Moreno […]