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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Strange phenomenon observed at ASNE/NAA

There is a tendency among some editors and business folk to believe they “get it” when it comes to the future of newspapers and a corresponding need to point disparagingly at others and deride their ability to grasp the future of this business. There is nothing scientific about the observation I made at the ASNE/NAA […]

Musings from the NAA/ASNE conference in Washington D.C.

I landed from D.,C. and the NAA/ASNE convention early Wednesday afternoon. I missed the final morning sessions to teach a class late Wednesday, but my mind is bubbling with vagrant thoughts.  I hope the conference provides fodder for some longer blog entries, but here’s what’s swirling in my head today. The consolidation of NEXPO/NAA/ASNE disguised […]

Newspapers may need to outgoogle Google

The challenges of the spring have kept me away from the blog, not a lack of something to say. I have been bursting with thoughts and frustrations lately, but I am going to save them for yet another day. I often fret I could easily turn this into a blog of my students’ work. I […]