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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Press releases, bylines and a short musing on recruiting

Last fall I was teaching my Media Ethics class with the high drama I am sometimes known for when I demonstrated to my students what happens to press releases. I ceremoniously went to the circular trash receptacle and ripped some pages into small pieces over that glorious container. I got A’s for theatrics, but D’s […]

When is road rage a compelling story and when is it ho-hum?

Here’s what I think I know from television and newspaper reports. A middle-aged couple, the Beasleys, returned from the FBR open and crossed paths with a 45 year-old man named John Chester Stuart.  A verbal altercation occurred and the final result was the Beasley man was shot and killed at a major intersection in North […]

Exploring harm and why do some stories never get any lift?

In this afternoon’s Sports Media class we’re exploring harm.  One of several cases I chose for discussion was a Yahoo sports story from December 18 concerning a Big Ten referee. The reporter, Josh Peter, detailed a series of accusations about the referee, Stephen Pamon, who led the crew that officiated the controversial Illinois victory over […]

Business and Future of Journalism syllabus

An industry acquaintance who has moved into academia wrote the other day inquiring about ideas for a media management class he’s going to teach. He wants to put a different spin on the class. I shared my Business and Future of Journalism syllabus with him, and I decided to share it with you. I emphasized […]