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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Adrian Holovaty is all he's cracked up to be

Adrian Holovaty, web journalist, provocateur, inventor, entrepreneur and all around new media rock god visited the Cronkite School Thursday. He’ is everything he’s been built up to be, except he’s funnier, a lot funnier. That wonderful sense of humor shouldn’t fool anyone. There was never any doubt in my mind who was the smartest guy […]

Ron Kaye's tears should remind us of the obvious

I do not know Ron Kaye. I know with absolute certainty his tears are shared by thousands. I pray they remind us all that this “sport” so many have made of watching newspapers deteriorate is taking a profound toll on human lives. According to LA Observed, Kaye, the editor of the LA Daily News, broke […]

Independence of faction or are you a journalist forever?

Sometimes the mysteries of our own actions are illuminated by the actions of others. I have been operating with a set of assumptions about being a journalist that were seriously shaken yesterday morning when two colleagues reacted to a note I wrote. They reacted exactly as I have reacted for 35 years. A little background […]

McCain/New York Times story and anonymous sources

As I start this blog entry I am in between interviews with two local TV stations here in Phoenix about the New York Times story on Arizona Senator John McCain and his ties to a lobbyist, romantic or otherwise. When I arrived at the office today I had made the decision I did not have […]

Political scandals and the media

One of the fascinating things about a university campus is the connections you make outside your department.  One of those connections, with political science professor Dr. Ruth Jones, led to an appearance in a new class she’s teaching on “Political Scandals. ” I made it clear to the class I was not the most distinguished […] offers interesting glimpse of future on two fronts is one of those eye-opening experiments with social networking that leaves an old newspaper guy shaking his head in awe. Fabrice Florin, the enthusiastic and genuine executive director and founder of, stopped by the Cronkite School the other day to talk about educational partnerships with his fascinating experiment. Our own Dan Gillmor had […]

Road rage story gets new life

I wasn’t going to file today. The blogosphere, and the odd ways it works, demands I change my plans. Last week I was terribly miffed about what I saw as a lack of coverage of a road rage murder and the subsequent decision to release the alleged shooter on a $46,000 bond. On Feb. 6 […]

Downie and Wallace: Attitude makes the difference

Monday morning, around 10 am,  I browsed through Romenesko and discovered an item from Editor and Publisher about Len Downie, the editor of the Washington Post. The piece described Len’s matter-of-fact attitude about facing more cuts in the Post Newsroom. Len’s quote:”We have been able to cope so far and I expect to be able […]

Stark's blog on Clemens was stunning journalism

I am no expert on live blogging. I do think I recognize compelling journalism when I see it.  I saw it Wednesday. Jason Stark’s live blog on engaged me all day. I visited it seven or eight times (don’t tell the dean!) Certainly the subject matter demands attention for a lifelong baseball fan, but […]

Women in Media Cronkite School event

Four dynamic women intrigued me, and absolutely mesmerized a largely female student audience Monday night on the Arizona State campus at the second annual Paul J. Schatt Memorial Lecture Feb. 11. The lecture, “Breaking the Barriers: Women Leaders in News,” featured this panel: Catherine Anaya, nightly news anchor at KPHO-TV in Phoenix; Susan Green of […]