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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Seattle Times series should have your attention

The Seattle Times completed a four-day series today called “Victory and Ruins” that demands the attention of sports journalists, legal observers, college football administrators and fans. The first-day overview seems to point an accusing finger at former Head Coach Rick Neuheisil, and you certainly are left shaking your head that UCLA recently hired Neuheisil to […]

Brady's boot still bothers me

Tom Brady’s boot is still bugging me. I thought my pique was going to pass until Ben Benya, a smart student in my Sports media class, jabbed me again. I have asked my students to nominate a sports media turkey of the week. ESPN’s  Dana Jacobson got a lot of attention for her tasteless, apparently […]

No more ruing. Let's redesign a business section that works

This column has been published this morning on Business My friends (read Peter Bhatia) give me a hard time about a line in my American Society of Newspaper Editors 2002 presidential speech when I said there was too much complaining about the plight of newspapers. I then demanded that  there be "no more ruing!"  […]

Exhaustion is everywhere in the newspaper business

Jim Romenesko picked up a good one today when he blogged about a Ball State University study contending journalists are moderately  exhausted. I take no issue with the study and I found it fascinating.  It is without question true, but let me add a non-empirical observation. Everybody in the newspaper industry is exhausted today. I […]

Web ads backfire, Harte makes sense and gussets present problem

Let’s  talk about some things that are close to my heart…. The first is a real pip. If it doesn’t show how ethically bankrupt the idea of placing textual word ads in news stories really is, then you can’t be convinced. In this article on today about a presidential poll sponsored by the Walter […]

Economic angst sharpens focus on newspaper budget debate

Crash, bang, thud goes the ol’ net worth. The Fed is dropping interest rates in late night meetings and the stock market is scrambling for some sense of sanity. Al Tompkins apparently got up before the Florida Sun and told news directors and editors how to cover the mess in clear, coherent terms, once again […]

The "Aw Nuts" school won and McGuire's Sports Media syllabus

Preparations for my Sports Media class led me to a 10- page article on the history of sports Media by Jon Enriquez in the excellent Journalism Primer, American Journalism: History, Principles, Practices. Enriquez entertains and informs with a lot of fascinating insights, but one of my favorites was his discourse on the  two schools of […]

The lessons of Brad Flora

A lot of big thinkers organized and participated in last week’s Summit of Deans, Faculty, Students and Journalists sponsored by Carnegie Corporation of New York in partnership with the Paley Center for Media. The session was entitled Journalism in the Service of Democracy and a pretty fair summary can be found in this press release.  […]

Newspapers need to consider what they deliver when

Jon Fine’s prediction that at least one large newspaper will begin publishing less than seven days a week next year intrigued me. I would be far more comfortable with that solution than a continued whittling away at news gathering resources, but if there was simple way to do it I think it would have been […]

Collections from my winter vacation

I’m back from my academic break. As promised, I will attempt to file every day.  We’ll begin with a few things I collected over break. IT SAYS "MAKE NO LAW" Eight deans wrote an op ed in the New York Times arguing the FCC "ought to treat a broadcast licensee’s commitment of resources to original […]