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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Citizen journalism has value, but ethics will distinguish the pros

Perhaps it was the juxtaposition on Romenesko that allowed me to make the connections, but three articles fit together perfectly for me and maybe not for others. I think they serve as a perfect call to action, unity and reader service. In rapid order I read about Steve Outing’s lessons learned from a failed citizen […]

No snickering allowed: I want to explore sports media ethics

Okay, so I kind of volunteered. I suspect the assistant dean knew I couldn’t resist and set a gentle, loving trap. The dean did warn me I won’t be teaching only journalism majors.  The dean did mention that the sports media class at ASU has not been  regarded as a “serious” class. It’s been a […]

Mutter is right: Editors could help, but they won't get invited

The Newsosaur, Alan Mutter, prods at a sore wound with his recent blog called “Ventilating the Chinese Wall.” He wondered if I wanted to write a counterpoint. I don’t disagree with him enough to do that. In fact, I think there’s a lot of merit to his provocative ideas. It’s his premise that editors might […]

MinnPost is good, getting better, still has to reach higher

MinnPost made its entry into the emerging world of online newspapers last week amid a lot of national attention and a firm admonishment from its founder, Joel Kramer, that this was going to be “for people seriously interested in news.” I was lukewarm last Wednesday when I saw the debut edition. My enthusiasm  level has […]

Let's count to 100 and then decide we hate ads in news copy

I understand that times have changed in the newspaper industry. I get it that between the Internet assault on classified, the downturn in autos and housing sales, the decline of department stores and the rise of big boxes, the economic troubles on Main Street and declining circulation, that advertising revenue is falling through the floor. […]

Three words per story are for sale now on AZ

Ford Motor Company owns football. American Express owns Texas. Pitney-Bowes owns business.  If you didn’t know that you haven’t been reading the Arizona Republic’s AZ this week. Without fanfare AzCentral has started to put two green lines under words in stories on the Money section and the Sports section. It appears stories in news […]