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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Newspaper Next workshop was a pleasant surprise to a skeptic

I’ve been around way too long to believe that the answers to ANYTHING reside in a one-day workshop. So I wasn’t in search of a panacea to newspaper problems when I attended a one-day Newspaper Next workshop here at Arizona State last week.  In fact, my expectations were not high. Since I am teaching a […]

Roger Buoen describes the final MinnPost preparations

The new online daily enterprise in Minnesota, MinnPost, is ready to launch Nov. 8. When the new approach to daily journalism was announced  I wrote a blog entry entitled Joel Kramer is for Real lauding the innovation by my former boss and former publisher of the Star Tribune, Joel Kramer. In that blog, I opined […]

There is not a "cushy" job in the academy awaiting every journalist

This is going to strike some people as a mighty odd entry. Yet, that’s one thing I’ve learned about a blog in the few short months I’ve been writing—the perk is you can write about whatever you want to write about. I have been fascinated recently at the number of working journalists, especially editors, who […]

What "monetizing content" should be and shouldn't be

“Monetizing content’ is not a phrase invented last week even though the Memphis Commercial appeal flap may make you think that. Right now the definitions seem to be coming out of Memphis exclusively and the discussion needs to be richer than that. According to the Memphis Flyer story Chris Peck, the CA editor wrote in […]

The rabbit hole gets weirder and weirder

This is my sixth  lede on this entry because things are absolutely nuts in the newspaper business on this Friday in October. I really feel as if I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. I am going to issue a couple of  “really big deal alerts” on a few things that might slide off the attention […]

East Valley Tribune debut and some short ethics lessons

The East Valley Tribune’s debut of its new format on Wednesday October 17 was better than I had hoped or imagined.  I am still not optimistic  that this bold approach is THE answer for a second newspaper struggling in a depressed industry, but the effort was professional, imaginative and carried a lot of impact. The […]

Line between desperation and clever innovation is thin one

The East Valley Tribune is about to prove that the line between desperation and bold innovation is mighty thin.  The Tribune late Monday announced its rumored decision to make the A section a tabloid wrap around broadsheet sections for home delivery and then use that tabloid wrap as a stand-alone free section to be distributed […]

A visioning process for web strategy

Thanks again to Romenesko’s blog I discovered a new blogger, Howard Owens, who hit my favorites list in a heart beat and stimulated some work I have since done for a consulting client. (It appears I am not one of Owen’s favorites, but  more on that later.) Last week Owens wrote a great piece on […]

Ethics and the business of journalism go together

When Chris Callahan, the dean of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State, hired me to be the Frank Russell Chair for the Business of Journalism obviously my portfolio was to be the business of Journalism.  Almost immediately Chris and I realized that these days it was unwise and even […]

Celebrating Poynter and cheers for Reader Representatives

Every now and then it is important to celebrate clear blessings in our lives. I think it is just as important to celebrate blessings in our industry. The Poynter Institute and its web site deserve such celebration. Certainly, for many people, the Poynter Web site means Jim Romenesko and his daily blog on the comings and […]