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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Dropping business sections is a huge mistake

I don’t mean to pick on the Winston Salem Journal because they’re not the only newspaper that’s dropped their daily business section, but they’re the lucky winner of this week’s “really bad move sweepstakes.” There are lots of reasons abandoning business sections is a bad idea, but let’s start with abdication. Just last week I […]

Joel Kramer is for real

Joel Kramer’s announcement in Minneapolis today didn’t surprise any Twin Cities media watchers. Rumors that Kramer would found MinnPost in October have been running through the Twin Cities journalistic and political communities for weeks. Disclosure: I worked for Kramer for 15 years, admire him, am an early contributor to MinnPost and I am on his […]

Bridge collapse coverage is the right mission

In the speech I gave this summer to the American Association of Independent Newspaper Distributors I wrote, “I am convinced that those companies who are worshiping at the altar of hyperlocal are worshipping false gods.”  For me, the coverage of the 1-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis is just one more proof of the truth of […]