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Join the Cronkite Legacy

ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

rendering of new Cronkite Building

The Cronkite name stands for excellence, integrity and innovation
The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication embodies the values of its namesake. With the school’s historic move to the center of the Phoenix media market in fall 2008, there are now more opportunities to help the Cronkite School become the country’s premier professional journalism program.

A cutting-edge media education complex
The six-story, 223,000-square-foot structure is the centerpiece of ASU’s new downtown campus in the heart of Phoenix, the nation’s fifth largest city. Highlights include:

  • Prime Location. Closer to major media organizations than any journalism school in the nation.
  • Professional Environment. Seven dynamic newsrooms devoted to all-day learning and real-life production and innovation in print, TV, radio, public relations and new media.
  • Public Forum. A two-story public forum, the building’s activity hub and site of events for students and nationally televised forums.
  • Spacious Classrooms. Seven digital computer labs, two TV studios, a 150-seat theater and five fully wired classrooms.
  • Student Services. A glass-enclosed student library, lounge and resource center, the center of the student services wing of the building.
  • PBS Partnership. Eight/KAET-TV, the ASU-operated public broadcasting station, joins the Cronkite School in the new complex.

Named giving opportunities recognize your support
Donors and supporters create a meaningful legacy and a continuing relationship with the Cronkite School through named giving opportunities. Your gift provides the resources that allow the Cronkite School to recruit gifted faculty, expand its commitment to access by providing scholarships and financial aid to talented and deserving students, and deliver the extraordinary professional education for which the school is known.

Consider supporting the Cronkite School today
Nationally known for its immersive and innovative approach, the Cronkite School boasts about 1,300 students and a faculty of award-winning journalists and media scholars. The school consistently ranks in the top 10 in the annual Hearst intercollegiate journalism competition, often called the Pulitzers of college journalism (in 2007 we were first in the nation following two consecutive years at No. 2). And our students have finished first in the Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence competition for a record five consecutive years.

Naming Opportunity (Available) Amount Location
Building (1) $15,000,000
Public Forum (1) $2,500,000 2nd floor
Broadcast Center (1) $2,000,000 6th floor
Theater (1) $1,000,000 2nd floor
Cronkite News Service Multimedia Newsroom (1) $500,000 2nd floor
Marguerite and Jack Clifford Gallery NAMED 2nd floor
Library/Student Research Center (1) $500,000 2nd floor
NewsWatch TV Newsroom (1) $500,000 6th floor
Radio Newsroom (1) $500,000 3rd floor
Sony Instructional TV Studio NAMED 6th floor
Large Conference Room $400,000 4th floor
The Gannett New Media Innovation Lab Suite NAMED 2nd floor
Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship Suite (1) $250,000 2nd floor
Donald W. Reynolds Leadership Office Suite NAMED 3rd floor
Student Services Suite (1) $250,000 2nd floor
TV Digital-Editing Complex (1) $250,000 6th floor
The azcentral.com Classroom (1 large classroom remaining) NAMED 2nd floor
Faculty/Staff Lounge and Terrace Suite (1) $200,000 4th floor
NewsWatch TV Control Room (1) $200,000 6th floor
Student Media Suite (1) $200,000 4th floor
Seminar Room 1 (1) $150,000 4th floor
Teaching TV Control Room (1) $150,000 6th floor
Classroom (1) $100,000 3rd floor
Computer News Labs (6) $100,000 3rd floor
Radio Studio (1) $100,000 3rd floor
Weather Central Terrace NAMED 6th floor
Leadership Suite Conference Room (1) $75,000 3rd floor
Radio Control Room (1) $75,000 3rd floor
Seminar Room 2 (1) $75,000 3rd floor
Thomson Grass Valley TV Engineering Suite NAMED 6th floor
Christine Devine Multimedia Newsroom Conference Room NAMED 2nd floor
Dean’s Office (1) $50,000 3rd floor
Faculty Conference Room (1) $50,000 3rd floor
Interview Conference Room (1) $50,000 2nd floor
Public Relations Conference Room $50,000 2nd floor
TV Conference Room (1) $50,000 6th floor
Autoscript TV Equipment Room NAMED 6th floor
Green Room (1) $35,000 6th floor
Administrative Deans and Directors’ Offices (7) $30,000 2nd and 3rd floors
Clear-Com Communication Office (for Cronkite News Service TV Director) NAMED 2nd floor
Cronkite News Service Print Director’s Office (1) $30,000 2nd floor
Digital Media Entrepreneurship Director’s Office (1) $30,000 2nd floor
KNXV-TV/Scripps Howard Foundation Office (for TV News Director) NAMED 6th floor
New Media Innovation Lab Director’s Office (1) $30,000 2nd floor
Production Manager’s Office (1) $30,000 6th floor
Public Relations Director’s Office (1) $30,000 2nd floor
Radio Director’s Office (1) $30,000 3rd floor
Student Media Director’s Office (1) $30,000 4th floor
Faculty Offices (37) $25,000 3rd and 4th floors
Advisers and Other Administrative Offices (10) $20,000 2nd and 3rd floors
Faculty Adjunct Offices (6) $20,000 3rd and 4th floors
Cronkite News Service Editing Bays (5) $10,000 2nd floor
Radio Editing Bays (9) $10,000 3rd floor
TV Editing Bays (19) $10,000 6th floor

Contact Liz Bernreuter for more information: 602.496.9444