Student Awards

2011 Student Awards
(For work produced in calendar year 2010)

Associated Collegiate Press
Online Pacemaker - Large-school Newspaper:

Associated Press TV-Radio Association
Best Radio Light Feature Story: Colton Shone, "Rabbit Menu"
Best Use of Sound - Serious or Hard News: Colton Shone,"The Million Man March"

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Magazine Awards
Investigation and Analysis
First: David Kempa, Crossing Lines

Specialized Business Press Article
Second: Christine Rogel, Dueling Policies

Online Magazine
Third: Claire Lawton, State Press Magazine

Best of the West Awards
General Reporting
First: Derek Quizon, "Defining Nearly Free"

Feature Writing
First: Tessa Muggeridge, "The World Down Under"

Sports Reporting
First: Gina Mizell, "Back on the Court"

Multimedia Reporting
First: Daryl Bjoraas and Yousef Hawash, "One-legged Cage Fighter"

Broadcast Education Association Awards
Best of Festival
Television Reporting: Natalie Podgorski, "Garage Boxing"

Interactive Media - Group Authorship: Graduate Multimedia Boot Camp, State of Change

Interactive Media - Group Authorship
First: Graduate Multimedia Boot Camp, State of Change

Long-form Documentary
First: Sharon Diehl, Aaron Granillo, Collin McDowell and Jenna Lee Thomas, Stuck in Traffick

Radio Feature Reporting
Third: Siera Lambrecht, "Spanish Immersion"

Radio Sports Reporting
Third: Siera Lambrecht, "Senior Softball"

Short-form Documentary
Honorable Mention: Jordan Currier, Alex Rosen and Desiree Salazar, "Disciples"

Television Feature Reporting
First: Natalie Podgorski, "Garage Boxing"
Second: Lindsey Reiser, "Racetrack Minister"
Third: Kylee Gauna, "Arizona Burn Center"
Honorable Mention: Toby Phillips, "Jockstrap Maid"

Television Hard News Reporting
First: Tony Spehar, "Tempe Land Battle"
Second: Steve Doty, "AZ City Manager Salary Review"
Honorable Mention: Steve Doty, "Flagstaff Flood Relief"
Honorable Mention: Mike Pelton, "Abandoned Mines"
Honorable Mention: Aldo Vazquez, "Haiti Amputee Soccer"

Television Sports Anchor
First: Siera Lambrecht

Television Sports Reporting
Honorable Mention: Thomas Miller, "Desert Hockey"

Television Weathercaster
First: Kylee Gauna

College Televison Awards
Collegiate Newscast
Second: Christy Little and McKenzie Manning, Cronkite NewsWatch

Greg Crowder Memorial Photojournalism Award Contest
First Place: Molly Smith
Honorable Mention: Michel Duarte
Honorable Mention: Lauren Hillhouse
Honorable Mention: Stephanie Snyder

Hearst Journalism Awards - National Championship
Second: John LaBarbera

Second: Lindsey Reiser
Finalist: Toby Phillips

Finalist: Allison Gatlin

Hearst Journalism Awards
Feature Writing
Fourth: Weston Phippen, "Dying in the Desert: Stories from the Border"

In-depth Reporting
Second: Lauren Gambino, "Operation Streamline"

Multimedia Visual Storytelling
Fourth: Taryn Brady Hale, "Higher Ground"
Honorable Mention: Christie Roshau, "Bike Saviours"

Opinion Writing
23rd: Dustin Volz, "The New American Problem"

Radio Feature Reporting
Third: Gardenia Coleman, "Finding My Shoes" and "Santa School"
16th: Siera Lambrecht, "Immersion Program" and "Senior Softball"

Spot News
Seventh: Brennan Smith, "Bill Badger, Not Realizing He Was Shot, Helped Hold Suspect"
19th: Tessa Muggeridge, "Census Returns Lower Than Expected"

TV Feature Reporting
Eighth: Natalie Podgorski, "Garage Boxing" and "Toymaker"
10th: Kylee Gauna, "Burn Unit" and "Dental Clinic"

Roy W. Howard National Collegiate Reporting Competition
First: Dan Neligh

Investigative Reporters and Editors
Tessa Muggeridge, News21

Edward R. Murrow Award
Best Use of Sound: Colton Shone, "Scream Farm"

PR News Platinum Awards
Pro Bono
Honorable Mention: Alyssa Aalmo, Adrianna Bigard, Jennifer D'Ottavio, Kelley Moore and Erika Simington, "Phoenix Zoo Komodo Dragon"

Second: Rachel Steingard, "Different Words...Same Meaning"
Third: Katie Johnsen, Amanda Markell and Brian Olson, "Make Your Donation Matter"

Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards
Winner: Staff, Cronkite NewsWatch

News: General Assignment
Winner: Courtney Godfrey, "Superior Mining Controversy"
Nominee: Anthony Spehar, "Tempe Land Battle"
Nominee: Courtney Godfrey, “Superior Mining Controversy”

Long Form
Winner: Nathan O'Neal, Cristina Rayas and Lisa Ruhl, "Stateless in the Dominican Republic"
Nominee: Nicholas Blumberg, Gardenia Coleman and Mallory Kydd, "The Keepers"

Winner: Mallory Kydd,"Pat Brock"
Nominee: Tom Miller, “ASU Hockey/Sun Devils 101”

Winner: Daniel Neligh,"Border Volunteers"
Nominee: Natalie Podgorski, "Garage Boxing"

Winner: Lisa Ruhl

Society of American Business Editors and Writers
Student Publication Business Story
First: Jennifer Johnson, "Copper Mine Pact"

Society of Professional Journalists—National Mark of Excellence

National Winners and First in Region
Best All-Around TV Newscast
Staff, Cronkite NewsWatch

TV Breaking News Reporting
Staff, Cronkite NewsWatch, "Winter Storm Special Report"

TV Feature Photography
Natalie Podgorski, "Garage Boxing"

TV News Photography
David Gonzalez, "Please Come to Mexico!"

National Finalists and First in Region
Best All-Around TV Newscast
Staff, Cronkite NewsWatch

Best Independent Online Student Publication
Staff, Downtown Devil

Feature Writing
Grant Martin, "As climate warms, deserts, forests, cities face uncertain futures"

Online Feature Reporting
Derek Cooley, "Speaking in Code: Profiles of the Navajo Code Talkers"

Online Opinion and Commentary
Janice Vega

Radio Feature
John LaBarbera, "D-Backs National Anthem Auditions"

TV Breaking News Reporting
Staff, Cronkite NewsWatch, "Winter Storm Special Report"

TV Feature Reporting
Lindsey Reiser, "Racetrack Minister"

TV General News Reporting
Toby Phillips, "Rocky Point"

TV In-Depth Reporting
Courtney Godfrey, "Superior Mining Controversy"

TV Sports Reporting
Siera Lambrecht, "Ice Fishing"

TV Feature Photography
Natalie Podgorski, "Garage Boxing"

TV News Photography
David Gonzalez, "Please Come to Mexico!"

TV Sports Photography
Thomas Miller, "ASU Hockey/Sun Devils 101"
Radio Feature

Society of Professional Journalists—Region 11 Mark of Excellence Awards
Best Affiliated Website
Second: Staff,

Breaking News Reporting
Second: Rheyanne Weaver, "Lake Drain"

Feature Writing
Second: Rebekah Zemansky, "Trapped in Violence"

General Column Writing
Third: Andrew Hedlund

In-Depth Reporting
Third: Kristena Hansen and Ryan Van Velzer, "Most frequent Arizona Lottery players a little older, a little wealthier"

Online In-Depth Reporting
Second: Lisa Ruhl and Rebekah Zemansky, "Dealing With the Dead"
Third: Heather Billings, Lauren Gilger, Lisa Ruhl and Rebekah Zemansky, "The Women"

Online News Reporting
Second: Tessa Muggeridge, "Driving While Tired"
Third: Staff, Cronkite News Service, "Live Election Coverage"

Radio In-Depth Reporting
Third: Gardenia Coleman, "Finding My Shoes"

Sports Writing
Second: Gina Mizell, "5 Years Later, Love Still Heart of ASU Athletics"

TV Breaking News Reporting
Third: Heather Turner, "Teen Shot"

TV Feature Reporting
Second: Natalie Podgorski, "Garage Boxing"
Third: Natalie Podgorski, "Toy Maker"

TV In-Depth Reporting
Third: Staff, Cronkite NewsWatch, "SB 1070 Continuing Coverage"

TV General News Reporting
Second: David Gonzalez, "Travel Warnings Affect Mexican Border Businesses"
Third: Heather Turner, "Child Care Fees"

TV Sports Reporting
Second: Cameron Gidari, "Sky Diving"
Third: Cameron Gidari, "MMA Bill"

TV Feature Photography
Second: Lindsey Reiser, "Racetrack Minister"
Third: Tara Prindiville, "Prescribed Burns"

TV News Photography
Second: Heather Turner, "Child Care Fees"
Third: David Gonzalez, "Wildlife Refuge Cleanup"

TV Sports Photography
Second: Siera Lambrecht, "Ice Fishing"
Third: Jacob Fadden, "Northland Prep Academy"

Society of Professional Journalists—Valley of the Sun Chapter
First Amendment Award
Yvonne Gonzalez, "Disclosures Don't Allow Estimates"
Alyssa Newcomb, "Some Clean Elections Money Went Toward Laptops"

Student Press Law Center
Courage in Student Journalism
Vaughn Hillyard

Telly Awards
Silver: Chris Parkinson and Jillian Sloan, "The Torn Identity"
Silver: Elizabeth Rohe and Ruben Veloz, "The Inner Light"

Zenith Awards
Campaign: Robyn Moore
Case Study: Katie Johnsen
Public Relations Writing: Erika Bagg

“Maquiladoras’ Uphill Battle”
Story by W. J. Hennigan
Photo by Deanna Dent
Where David Waits
“Where David Waits”
Story by James Kindle
Photo by Joshua Schoonover
Finding a Home
“Finding a Home”
Story by Dan O’Connor
Photo by Dan O’Connor
Story by James Kindle
Photo by Carolyn Carver
“Ostrich – The Other ‘Green’ Meat,”
“Ostrich – The Other ‘Green’ Meat”
Story by Annalyn R. Censky
Photo by Annalyn R. Censky
U.S. children stuck in Mexican orphanages
“Border Orphans”
Photo by Deanna Dent
48 Hours: Phoenix
“48 Hours: Phoenix”
Story by Keridwen Cornelius
Photo by Aldei Gregoire
Diepsloot: A Township
“Diepsloot: A Township”
Story by Keridwen Cornelius and Jillian Sloan
Photo by Jillian Sloan
Healing the Battle-Scarred Brain
“Healing the Battle-Scarred Brain”
Story by Keridwen Cornelius
Photo courtesy Robert Bartlett
“Light Rail One Year Later: Pains, Trains and Automobiles”
“Light Rail One Year Later: Pains, Trains and Automobiles”
John LaBarbera
“MASH Unit”
“MASH Unit”
Kristen Keogh
“Sheriff Joe Rally”
“Sheriff Joe Rally”
Lindsey Reiser
“Repatriation Flights”
“Repatriation Flights”
Lindsey Reiser
“National Socialists Movement March”
“National Socialists Movement March”
Toby Phillips
“Grand Canyon University Basketball”
“Grand Canyon University Basketball”
Mike Pelton
“Bordering Change”
“Bordering Change”
MCO 598 & JMC 470