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Toolkit for Remote Work

Most of us are new to working at home, and almost all of us are new to working there full time. We’ve been sharing ideas for working effectively from home, through training sessions on Zoom, tipsheets and PowerPoints. This is a list of links to the material we’ve gathered so far. Faculty and staff are adding ideas in a Slack channel; we’ll share those here too. And we’ll keep adding to the list as we conduct more training.

Feel like your Zoom meetings look and sound like you are working in a cave? Jim Jacoby, director of studio production for the Cronkite School and Arizona PBS, provides excellent tips for improving Zoom lighting and sound in this training session.
Watch here

Jim also provided a guide to lights and microphones that can help improve the quality of your Zoom sessions. Read here

Effective Remote Work: In this video, we walk through some tips for creating a workspace in your home, setting boundaries between your work and professional life in a home environment and taking care of yourself physically and mentally. The video is 55 minutes long. Watch here

The PowerPoint that accompanied the video gives you a quick overview and can be used as a reminder of ideas that might be helpful to you. Read here

We’ve also put together a tipsheet that goes into more detail on ways to work effectively from home. Read here

Using Slack to share information and have collaborative discussion with your co-workers is even more important when everyone is working remotely. This training session will help you get working in Slack quickly. Watch here

If you want to add to your Slack skills, troubleshoot a problem or just refresh yourself on a particular skill, you can visit Slack 101 on Slack’s website to get help. Read here