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Student Awards 2018


Announced in 2018

Arizona Press Club Awards

Community Health Reporting

Third: Claire Cleveland, "Pregnant and Addicted," Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting

Community Nina Mason Pulliam Enviromental Journalism Award

Second: Megan Janetsky, "Passage Prevented: Trump's border wall threatens delicate wildlife," Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting

Spanish-language News Reporting

Third: Charlene Santiago, Cronkite Noticias

Spanish-language Commentary/Analysis

Third: Charlene Santiago, Cronkite Noticias

Statewide Education Reporting

Third: Johanna Huckeba, The ASU State Press

Statewide Immigration Reporting

Second: Chris McCrory, Cronkite News

Statewide Nina Mason Pulliam Environmental Journalism Award

Third: Megan Janetsky, "Passage Prevented: Trump's border wall threatens delicate wildlife habitat"

Statewide Sports Investigative Reporting

Second: Nate Fain, Daniel Perle and Veronica Graff, The Arizona Republic

Student Investigative Reporting

First: Kianna Gardner, "Social Media: Where voices of hate find a place to preach," Carnegie-Knight News21

Second: Mia Armstrong, "ASU uses mandatory reporting to fight sexual misconduct on campus," The ASU State Press

Third: Isaac Windes, "The Elephant in the Room," The ASU State Press

Student News Reporting

First: Corey Hawk, "Grand Canyon gap: Arizona national parks need $531 million to fix roads, buildings," Cronkite News

Second: Rebecca Spiess, "No More Deaths Duels with Border Patrol," Cronkite News

Third: Kailey Broussard, Amy-Xiaoshi DePaola, Harrison Mantas and Lindsay Walker, "Challenge to law could redefine Native American foster care, adoptions," Cronkite News

Student Features Reporting

First: Lillian Donahue, "Full circle: Urban Native American family keeps Apache traditions alive through hoop dancing," Cronkite News

Second: Karishma Albal and Maya Shrikant, "Why do some labs drown in funding while others dry up?," The ASU State Press

Third: Johanna Huckeba, "ASU professor teaches in the dark as students in Puerto Rico wait for light," The ASU State Press

Student Sports Reporting

To be announced


Association of Food Journalists

Best Writing on Food, Student Division

Finalist: Tayler Brown, "Native American farmers plan moves to global market, greater sustainability," Cronkite News/Arizona PBS 


Best of the West

Business and Financial Reporting

Third: Derek Hall

Broadcast Education Association’s Festival of Media Arts

Best of Festival King Foundation Award - Student Sports

Best of Competition: Troy Lynch, “Turning Tragedy to Triumph,”

Mixed Pedagogical (Teacher/Student Co-Production)

Best of Competition: Steve Filmer, Bailey Netsch and Juliana Evans, “Science of the Saguaro Cactus,” CATALYST

Television Feature

First: Lillian Donahue "Honor Flight," Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Matt Lively "Operation Restoring Hope," Cronkite News

Television Weathercaster

First: Jordan Evans, “Weathercast Reel,” Cronkite News

Third: Lauren Schieler, “Weathercast Reel,” Cronkite News

Television News Anchor

Third: Joey Carrera, “Anchor Reel”

Long Form Video or Film Documentary

First: Justin Parham, “American Hate,” Carnegie-Knight News21

TV Sports News Program

First: Terra Pinckley, Hailey Hole, Chaz Frazier and Tyler Paley, “Cronkite Sports Report - Season 10, Episode 6,” Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Scotty Gange and Blaine McCormick, "The House - Episode 8," Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Noah Lau, "The House - Episode 11," Cronkite News

Short Form Video or Film Documentary

Award of Excellence: Jasmine Spearing-Bowen, "Myeloma Rabbit Virus," CATALYST

Television Hard News

Second: Lillian Donahue, “Supai Village Residents Fearful for Their Future,” Cronkite News

Television News Anchor

Third: Bryce Newberry, “Anchor Reel,” Cronkite News

Television Newscast

Third: Hayley Brand, Kevyn Gessner and Acuzena Martinez, “March for Our Lives,” Cronkite News

Radio/TV Sports Event: Play-by-Play Talent

Third: Blaine McCormick, “Play-by-Play Arizona State vs. Colorado Football,” Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Blaine McCormick, "Play-by-Play Arizona State vs. Colorado Football," Cronkite News

Television Sports Story/Feature

First: Brooke Coltelli, “Coach Kibler,” Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Jake Trybulski and Drake Dunaway, "Rex Golf," Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Anthony Totri, "ACL Brothers," Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Bailey O'Carroll, "ASU Groundskeeper," Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Chancellor Johnson, "Basketball Virtuoso," Cronkite News

Television Sports Talent (Anchor/Host)

Award of Excellence: Blaine McCormick, "Fall 2018 Sports Talent Reel"

Award of Excellence: Scotty Gange, "Anchor Reel"


EPPY Awards

Best College/University Investigative/Documentary Report
Winner: "Hate in America," Carnegie-Knight News21

Best College/University News

Finalist: "17 Lives, 17 Minutes," Cronkite News


Greg Crowder Memorial Photojournalism Award

Winner: Nicole Neri

Second: Ben Moffat

Honorable Mentions: Anya Magnuson and Megan Janetsky


Hearst Journalism Awards 

National Journalism Championship Broadcast News

Matt Lively

Bryce Newberry

National Journalism Championship Broadcast Radio

Austin Westfall

National Journalism Championship Photography

Nicole Neri

National Journalism Championship Writing

Jack Harris

Category Winners

Breaking News - Writing

11th: Alexis England, "Flake votes to approve Kavanaugh — for now — demands an FBI probe"

Enterprise Reporting - Writing

Fourth: Chris McCrory, "In a hole: Arizona officials lack funds to find, secure at least 100,000 abandoned mines"

21st: Stephanie Morse, "Will Arizona's saguaros survive climate change and drought?"

Feature Writing

Sixth: Aydali Campa, "Border towns struggle with students who live in Mexico, learn in Arizona"

Multimedia Enterprise Reporting

Fifth: Daria Kadovik, "Young Women Rising Interest in Taxidermy"

Multimedia Feature

Seventh: Charlene Santiago, Hurricane Maria multimedia, bilingual video stories, part of project "Puerto Rico: Restless and Resilient"

Multimedia News

Sixth: Samie Gebers, "Vegas Stronger"

Tenth: Rebecca Spiess, "No More Deaths Duels with Border Patrol"

Multimedia Team/News

Eighth: Claire Cleveland, Carly Henry and Lerman Montoya, "Puerto Rico universities grapple with future after Hurricane Maria"

10th: Cami Clark, Celisse Jones, Chris McCrory and Nicole Neri, "Arizona's two abandoned mine inspectors face daunting task"

Personality/Profile Writing

Second: Jack Harris, "Apple of his eye: Children inspire visually impaired runner after lifetimes of heartache"

14th: Ethan Millman, "Interview with a Bluesman"

Radio News and Features

Third: Austin Westfall, "Vegas Shooting Anniversary" and "Swept Away"

18th: Jordan Elder, "Walk or Rebuild?" and "Foster Immigrants"

Sports Writing

Fourth: Ryan Clarke, "Something in the water: A high school on the border and its many successful athletes"

Television — News

Fourth: Bryce Newberry, "Fentanyl Strips" and "Abandoned Mines"

Sixth: Gabriella Bachara, "Missing and murdered indigenous women" and "Customs and Border Patrol"

Television — Features

Third: Matt Lively, "Veterans Retreat" and "Blind Football Player"

Ninth: Lillian Donahue, "Honor Flight: Korean War Veterans" and "Hurricane Florence Relief"


News & Features

11th: Nicole Neri

Picture Story/Series

13th: Nicole Neri

16th: Delia Johnson


Intercollegiate Broadcasting System

Best Community Volunteer Program/Personality

Winner: Nick White, "Veteran Diaries," ASU Blaze Radio

Best Hockey Play-by-Play: Pac-12 Hockey

Winner: Josh Schaefer, ASU Blaze Radio

Best Sports Director

Winner: Braiden Bell, ASU Blaze Radio

Best Sports Talk Program

Winner: Eliav Gabay and Harley Yearout, ASU Blaze Radio

Best Women's Basketball Play-by-Play: Stanford vs. Oregon Women's Pac-12 Championship

Winner: Lyle Goldstein, ASU Blaze Radio

(ASU Blaze Radio staff members were nominated in 11 other categories.) 


Investigative Reporters and Editors Awards

Student Reporting - Large

Finalist: Chris McCrory, "Abandoned Mines," two-part series, Cronkite News/Arizona PBS


Maggie Awards

Best Student Publications — Best Print Publication

State Press Magazine

Best Student Publications — Best Print Cover

State Press Magazine


Online News Association Journalism Awards

David Teeuwen Student Journalism Award

Winner: "Leaving Tracks: The Capture of Wolf No. 1553," Cronkite News

Pro-Am Student Award

Winner: "Troubled Water," Carnegie-Knight News21 


Public Relations Lab Aspire Award

Winner: Jackson Dorsey


Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award

Winner: Students in the Carnegie-Knight News21 investigative reporting project at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication won the 2019 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for “Hate in America,” a package of multimedia stories focused on acts of intolerance, racism and hate crimes across the country.


Rocky Mountain Emmy Student Production Awards

College Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs

Lillian Donahue, “The Duncan Dancers, a Family Affair,” Cronkite News

College Craft: Talent

Blaine McCormick, Cronkite News

College Newscast

Olivia Anderson, Haley Brand, Kevyn Gessner, Alessandra Luckey, Courtney Mally, Azucena Martinez, Demitria Pilato and Ann Marie Schlup, "Full Circle," Cronkite News

College News General Assignment Report

Lillian Donahue, “Aid Groups Caught in Border Battle," Cronkite News

College Public Affairs/Community Service

Claire Caulfield, Brandon Kitchin, Jenna Miller, Corinne Roels, Michael M. Santiago, Karl Schneider, Briana Smith, Jasmine Spearing-Bowen, Adrienne St. Clair and Nicole Tyau, “Troubled Waters,” Carnegie-Knight News 21

College Short Form: Non-Fiction

Amanda Mason, "Puerto Rico Recovery Six Months After Maria," Cronkite News

College Sports

Tyler Paley, "DACA Boxer," Cronkite News


Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing - Best in Business Awards

Student Business Reporting

First: Andres Guerra Luz, "Hurricane provides opportunity for Puerto Rico's battered tourism industry," Cronkite Borderlands Project/Cronkite News


Society of Professional Journalists’ National Mark of Excellence Awards National Winners

Broadcast Feature Videography
Matt Lively, "Operation Restoring Hope," Cronkite News/Arizona PBS

Broadcast Sports Videography
Jake Trybulski and Drake Dunaway, "In Arizona, More Navajo Take to the Dirt for Rez Golf,” PBS NewsHour

Online In-Depth Reporting
Chris McCrory, "In a Hole: Arizona Officials Lack Funds to Find, Secure at least 100,000 Abandoned Mines," two-part series, Cronkite News

Television Feature Reporting
Samie Gebers, "Art Class Dementia,” Cronkite News/Arizona PBS

Sports Photography (Large) 10,000 Students
Nicole Neri, "Ballyard Brawl Mixes it Up in Haymarket Park," photo published during an internship at Lincoln Journal Star in Nebraska


Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence Awards National Finalists

Best All-Around Television News Magazine

Staff of Cronkite News - Phoenix Sports Bureau, "Cronkite Sports Report: Season 10, Episode 6," Fox Sports Arizona

Best Independent Online Student Publication

ASU's The State Press

Broadcast News Videography

Lillian Donahue, "Helping with Cleanup after Record Storms," Cronkite News/Arizona PBS

Television Breaking News Reporting

Staff of Cronkite New, Midterm Election Coverage,” Cronkite News/Arizona PBS

Television In-Depth Reporting

Courtney Mally, Marissa Roper and Maya Patrose, "Concrete Change," Arizona PBS


Society of Professional Journalists' Mark of Excellence Regional Awards

Cronkite students won 47 awards, including 21 first-place awards – more than the total of all other large schools combined – in the 2018 SPJ Region 11 contest.


Webby Awards

Advertising, Media & PR: Student

Honoree: "Puerto Rico: Restless & Resilient," Cronkite Borderlands Project/Cronkite News