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Reaction to Colton Shone’s Edward R. Murrow Award

“Here at ABC 15 we are accustomed to the journalistic excellence that our Cronkite School interns bring with them. Colton’s work shines, and we look forward to the wonderful stories yet to come.”
Janice Todd
Vice President and General Manager

“The RTDNA Murrow awards are given out to the stations and individuals who produce the highest quality journalism in America. KTAR-FM is absolutely thrilled to have Colton Shone recognized by such a prestigious organization for his ability and creativity. It is unprecedented that someone so young has his name alongside that of Edward R. Murrow.  I am personally proud of Colton’s accomplishments. I remember interviewing him for our internship program when he was just a freshman.  In that time, he has grown from an intern answering phones to a staff reporter winning nationally recognized awards.  I sometimes have to remind myself that he is still a student. This latest accomplishment is a true reflection of his talent.”     
Pamela Hughes
Managing Editor

“For Colton to win such a prestigious award so early in his career certainly speaks volumes about the quality of his work. Perhaps more than that, though, it signals that young journalists like Colton, will be great guardians of our craft for decades to come.”
Joe Hengemuehler
News Director
ABC15 News

“Colton has a wide range of talents at a young age – he can do audio and video; he’s a good writer, a good researcher and a persistent reporter. He’s the kind of student you look at and say, “There’s the multimedia journalist of the future.’”
Rick Rodriguez
Carnegie Professor of Journalism
Cronkite School

“Colton is smart, inquisitive and talented. I have dealt with him as a student and as an interviewer for KTAR, and he mightily impressed me in both settings.“
Tim McGuire
Professor and Frank Russell Chair for the Business of Journalism
Cronkite School

“Colton is one of the most talented and energetic students I’ve ever had.  His work ethic and professionalism were a valuable asset in the Radio Reporting class, and he went the extra mile to share his technical expertise with the other students in a very collegial manner.  The fact that he was already working for KTAR was never an issue, and, if anything, Colton tended to downplay his professional experience unless it was to help out a fellow student.”
Michael Casavantes
Cronkite School

“Colton is a special talent who keeps topping his every feat. As a freshman, he interned at KTAR in Phoenix and performed so well that he was rewarded with a job. As a sophomore, he won the Hearst Awards national championship in radio reporting.  And his junior year?  Colton wins a Murrow Award.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.”
Mike Wong
Director of Career Services
Cronkite School

“In 25 years of teaching broadcast news students, I rarely have seen such natural raw talent.  Most importantly, though, Colton is humble and teachable. As his honors project director I was so impressed with how quickly he grasped a complicated but deeply personal subject: Why are not more Native Americans working in local TV news? A crisp and clear broadcast writer, Colton is the exact type of young broadcast journalist that would make Walter Cronkite proud!”
B. William Silcock
Associate Professor
Cronkite School

“Colton is in my Graduate Research Methods class learning statistics and data analysis, two skills not often used in radio journalism. But NPR has hired a data cruncher and started doing packages based on computer-assisted reporting, so I expect Colton will be a good candidate for a job like that someday. In the meantime, I played his winning clip today to much applause from his fellow students.”
Stephen Doig
Professor and Knight Chair in Journalism
Cronkite School