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Journalism Luminaries Salute Walter Cronkite

The following statements were made by recipients of the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism for a tribute video that was made in 2005.

Bernard Shaw
Former CNN News anchor and 1994 Cronkite Award Recipient
“By his hand, by his heart, by his mind, Walter Cronkite has infected journalists and journalism for generations to come. As a reporter, as an anchor, excellence is his only standard. He can’t help it. He’s genetic that way. Walter shared his learning of how to be a journalist. He shared it universally. He shared it individually. He shared it with me.”

Bill Moyers
PBS Journalist and 1995 Cronkite Award Recipient
“You were always fair; you were always helpful; you were always a man of integrity. I learned more being at your side when I was at CBS than I have ever learned anywhere else I’ve been as a journalist. ... You will always be, in my book, the very best.”

George Will
ABC News commentator and 1991 Cronkite Award Recipient
“When the history of journalism is written about our era, it will be divided into separate eras – B.C. and A.C. – before Walter Cronkite and after Walter Cronkite. And the great division here is that Walter had in spades what today is lacking in huge proportion – and that is trust. It’s probably hard for Walter himself to fathom how the profession of journalism has declined in public trust, and I’m bound to say, public esteem since he left it. But the decline has been sharp and precipitous. In a profession, as with a currency, it’s good to have a gold standard, and Walter is simply the gold standard of network, national, shared news experience.”

Tom Brokaw
Former NBC News anchor and 2006 Cronkite Award Recipient (from his 2006 acceptance speech)
“He’s a towering figure not just in American Journalism but in American life. He is a personification of integrity, public service and energy, and he is a model for all of us, not just of my generation but of the generation coming up as well.”

Jane Pauley
Former NBC “Today” anchor and 2007 Cronkite Award Recipient (from her 2007 acceptance speech)
“I like to think Walter Cronkite is a friend of mine, but nobody has to tell me; I’m no Walter Cronkite.”