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Digital Audience Strategy, MS

The MS program in digital audience strategy prepares students to design and execute large-scale digital audience strategy through a data-driven, multidisciplinary, hands-on curriculum.

Students learn to measure and analyze how consumers interact with content online, on social media and on mobile devices. Using those measurement skills, students develop strategies and tactics to grow audiences through search engine optimization, search engine marketing, paid and organic social media campaigns, and digital content creation. They work with real-world clients to develop, test and execute audience growth strategies in real time.

Through required coursework in ethics, media law and entrepreneurship, students learn to make ethical business decisions regarding consumer privacy, digital data security and community engagement. Through elective courses, students develop additional expertise in areas such as management and intellectual property. Students graduate from the program ready to drive innovation and business development in the digital age.

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Digital Audience Strategy, MS
Journalism & Mass Communication, Walter Cronkite School of


Plan of study

The Plan of study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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