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2010 Broadcast Education Association Awards

Best of Festival
Cronkite NewsWatch

Student Newscast
First: Cronkite NewsWatch

Television Hard News Reporting
First: Lindsey Reiser, “Repatriation Flights”
Second: Liz McKernan, “Right to Light”
Third: Toby Phillips, “National Socialists Movement March”
Hon. Mention: Rafael Carranza, “Swine Flu in Border Schools”
Hon. Mention: Brian McBride, “Horse Tripping”
Hon. Mention: Tara Prindiville, “Crime on Public Transportation”
Hon. Mention: Jeff Skryzpek, “Rocky Point Economy”

Television Feature Reporting
Third: Maxine Park, “Drive-Through Prayer Stand”
Hon. Mention: Amber Dixon, “Harmonica Therapy”
Hon. Mention: Brian McBride, “80 Year Old Bowler”

Television Sports Reporting
First: Cameron Gidari, “Golfer Artist”
Second: Mike Pelton, “Grand Canyon University Basketball”
Hon. Mention: Kristen Keogh, “Senator Jordan”

Radio Hard News Reporting
First: Jill Galus, “Tour Bus Crash”
Hon. Mention: Colton Shone, “Broken Dreams on Burgess Lane”

Radio Sports Reporting
Second: Joe Cox, “Desert Diamonds of Spring”
Third: Elena Difiore, “NFC Championship Game”
Hon. Mention: Jill Galus, “Cardinals Super Bowl”

Student Interactive Multimedia, Group Authorship
First Place: MCO 598 & JMC 470, “Bordering Change”
Third Place: Advanced Online Media, “The Downtown PHiX”

Faculty Documentary, Short-Form
Award of Excellence: Jim Jacoby and Melanie Alvarez, “Brian Williams Tribute”

Faculty Interactive Multimedia, Educational
Award of Excellence: Leslie-Jean Thornton, “Multimedia Journalism”

“Repatriation Flights”
“Repatriation Flights”
Lindsey Reiser
“National Socialists Movement March”
“National Socialists Movement March”
Toby Phillips
“Bordering Change”
“Bordering Change”
MCO 598 & JMC 470