Internship Interview Day

Internship Interview Day is a premiere event at the Cronkite School. Students are able to interview for internship opportunities with local media employers for school credit. These interview events are exclusive to Cronkite School immersion students.

Due to the current health circumstances, all Internship Interview Day events are being held virtually. Internships secured during interview day events are subject to in-person or remote work based on the employer.

Learn more about how Internship Interview Day works:

1. Apply

The first step is to apply for Internship Interview Day. Applications open at the start of the fall and spring semesters. Please be mindful of deadlines.

2. Attend

Attend a mandatory Internship Interview Day pre-interview meeting. We will discuss how to prepare for interview day and show you how to sign up for companies you’re interested in interviewing with.

3. Sign up

At the pre-interview meeting, you’ll receive a job description packet that includes information about each company. You will select employers through the Company Sign-Up form.

4. Interview

You are ready for Internship Interview Day! The Cronkite Career Services team will be in touch with you via email about your interview schedule and other day-of information.

Frequently asked questions

Who can participate in Internship Interview Day?

All Cronkite School immersion students (undergraduate and graduate) in good academic  standing are encouraged to participate.

How do I sign up?

In order to participate, all Cronkite School immersion students must fill out an application. Students must include their year in school, an unofficial transcript, an updated resume and links to relevant work samples. Please note: These materials will be shared with the employers.

Am I guaranteed an internship if I participate?

No. Students will interview with a predetermined list of companies in short, 15-minute interview windows. At the conclusion of the event day, students and employers will rank one another. If there is an appropriate match, a student will be offered an internship for the following semester.

Why don’t I see an employer list in the application?

Employers attending Internship Interview Day events will not be listed in the initial application. After completing the initial application, all eligible students are required to attend an information session with the Cronkite Career Services team. At this session, students will be informed of the employers participating in their respective Internship Interview event day. At the conclusion of this event, students will fill out a Company Sign-Up Form. At this time, students will denote the employers they would like to interview with on their event day.

Do I have to take school credit for an internship secured through Internship Interview Day?

Yes. Students are required to sign up for either JMC 484 (a 3-credit, required Cronkite course) or MCO 294 (a 1-credit course). You may only take JMC 484 once during your academic career. You may take MCO 294 multiple times if you participate in more than one internships or do not meet the academic prerequisites to enroll in JMC 484

I missed the deadline to apply for Internship Interview Day. Can I still participate?

Yes. Even if you miss the deadline to apply, there may be opportunities to interview with employers through Internship Interview Day events. Students are encouraged to check the Cronkite Career Services internship board weekly for new opportunities. Internships offered through Internship Interview Day will be listed on the internship board, noted with an asterisk (*). Please be mindful of posted deadlines.

I submitted my application on-time and attended a pre-internship meeting but missed the deadline to submit my employer choices. Am I still able to participate?

Yes. Students are instructed to complete the Company Sign-Up form by the deadline they are given after their pre-internship meeting. If a student misses this deadline, they will lose their priority status and will be instructed to check the Cronkite Career Services internship board of open opportunities. (Internship Interview Day opportunities will be marked on our internship board with an asterisk (*).

I’m an employer interested in interviewing Cronkite School students. Can I sign up to participate in Internship Interview Day?

Please contact Mike Wong directly for all employer inquiries.

I secured an internship through Internship Interview Day and accepted it, but now I’m unable to complete the internship. What should I do?

Contact the Cronkite Career Services team immediately for assistance.

The application for Fall 2021 Internship Interview Day events has closed.