Capstone experience financial support

The Cronkite School provides the following support for students to help offset additional costs associated with pursuing Cronkite capstone experiences in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

Travel to Los Angeles or Washington, D.C.

The Cronkite School covers the cost of each student’s round-trip domestic plane ticket to either Los Angeles or Washington, D.C. If a student opts to drive instead of fly, the school will reimburse them for mileage up to the cost of a round-trip domestic ticket.

Transportation in Los Angeles or Washington, D.C.

For each student, the Cronkite School covers the cost to acquire a U-Pass, which is good for unlimited rides on all Metro services (in L.A. County, this includes Metro Rail, Metro Rapid and Express buses, and local buses; in D.C., this includes Metrorail and Metrobus). Students will coordinate purchase of the U-Pass via ASU’s parking and transit services office and/or their program faculty.


Washington, D.C. is a student- and intern-friendly town, and students are able to find their own housing with relative ease. The Cronkite News Washington, D.C. faculty will provide a housing guide to all registered students to help them find their own accommodations. In Los Angeles, students may find their own housing, or they may coordinate with University Housing. ASU leases a limited number of fully furnished, four-person apartments in downtown Los Angeles (Broadway Palace,1026 S. Broadway, just across from the ASU California Center). Living quarters are shared spaces; rates are equivalent to the cost of living at the Fusion on First property in downtown Phoenix. Parking is available onsite. For questions, email ASU’s housing coordinator Michaela Marsh,  

Stipend application

Limited need-based financial support is available for students enrolled in Cronkite News Los Angeles, the Cronkite Content Studio in Los Angeles and Cronkite News Washington, D.C. to support students’ housing and expenses. Complete the stipend application via the maroon button below; applications are Nov. 10 for Spring capstone courses, and April 10 for Summer and Fall capstone courses.

Students enrolled in these programs may apply for one of six $5,000 stipends (three stipends for students in Los Angeles, three stipends for students in Washington, D.C.).

Funds are posted to a student’s account as a cash award. If the student does not owe any payment on their student account (for tuition, parking fees, health fees, etc.), the student will receive the funds as a payment to via direct deposit or check, depending on how the account was set up.

Additional scholarship opportunities

The Cronkite School offers three external scholarship opportunities available to students pursuing the Cronkite News Washington, D.C. bureau only:

  • Thomson Reuters/White House Correspondents’ Association Trust in Reporting Scholarship ($7,000; graduate students only)
  • White House Correspondents Association Scholarship ($3,500)
  • Cheryl and Andy Mandala Family Scholarship (from $1,000 to $1,800)