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"The Cronkite School is training the young people who will defend our nation and will preserve the hope for freedom in the world."

Scott Pelley, former anchor and managing editor, “CBS Evening News”

"The most exciting thinking about the journalism of the future is being done at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School. … (Cronkite students) will be catalysts for change at every news organization where they land."

Judy Woodruff, co-anchor and managing editor, “PBS NewsHour”

"Anyone who thinks journalism hasn't changed enough to meet the competitive and technological challenges in media today needs to look closely at ASU's Cronkite School. It leads the field."

Sandy Rowe, former editor and publisher, The Oregonian

The Cronkite School “is truly unique. There’s nothing like it in America today. This is a wonderful thing to come here and see it."

Bob Schieffer, former host, “Face the Nation” on CBS

"The Cronkite School is the most exciting and innovative journalism program in the country. …The school is reinventing both journalism and journalism education. …The moment you walk into the school’s classrooms, you sense their ambition and professionalism, the sizzle of their creativity, and the depth of their commitment to the future of journalism. Cronkite dazzles, again and again."

Tom French, Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist and professor, Indiana University”

"Arizona State honor(s) Walter Cronkite by embodying his true legacy of innovation and experimentation built on integrity and the highest standards. Just as the inventors of broadcast news helped shape a powerful form of mass communication that transformed our culture in the television age, the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication is training a new generation to thrive and serve amidst the daunting challenges and exhilarating opportunities of the digital age."

Andrew Heyward, former president, CBS News

"It is a beacon to come here and see what you’re doing."

Diane Sawyer, anchor, ABC News

"Cronkite teaches all the best values of this profession to ASU students. …The Cronkite School couldn’t be a better environment for people who are passionate about our work."

David Rhodes, president, CBS News

"The Cronkite School is a tremendous force in journalism education. It is a leader in plowing fresh ground in response to fierce changes reshaping media. The school’s outstanding record of relentless experimentation and innovation is matched by its commitment to helping students build the fundamental skills always essential in the competitive world of words, images and ideas."

Caesar Andrews, former executive editor, The Detroit Free Press

"The Cronkite School is quite simply the best journalism school in the country. Its facilities, faculty and leadership are all top-of-the-line. Its students receive the very latest instruction in how to tell stories digitally while adhering to the traditional journalistic values of accuracy and fairness that its namesake embodied."

Linda Austin, former executive editor, Lexington Herald-Leader

"The Cronkite School is on the leading edge of blending a strong journalism curriculum across multiple news platforms with the latest technology and innovations that are reshaping the media industry."

Gilbert Bailon, editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"The Cronkite School is, quite simply, the best journalism education experience a student can have. It is on the cutting edge of teaching the skills and critical thinking necessary for today’s media world. Its leadership and faculty are without peer. When I am asked where to go study journalism and be best prepared for the workplace, it’s a one-word answer: Cronkite."

Peter Bhatia, editor, the Detroit Free Press

"The Cronkite School is a premier school of journalism. …I continue to be amazed how the school has merged intellectual rigor with practical experience in the classroom and with real world experiences inside and outside of school walls. The Cronkite School should be on the short list of any student wanting a quality education with a diverse population and a variety of experiences and opportunities. No one school has it all; but, dang it, Cronkite comes real, real close."

Will Sutton, co-founder, UNITY: Journalists of Color

"The legacy of Randolph Hearst lives on through the school and students at Arizona State University, and we congratulate them for creating a culture of excellence within their university."

Jan Watten, program director, Hearst Journalism Awards Program

Cronkite "has risen to be one of the top — if not the top — journalism schools in the U.S. It has been able to capture the traditional forms of journalism while aggressively embracing the digital age. … It can, and should, be used as a model for all journalism schools in the U.S."

Chip Weil, retired chairman, president and CEO, Central Newspapers Inc.

“To offset our country’s dangerous concentration of media and information control, America needs high quality, passionate journalists more than ever before. Journalists with good old fashion reporting and editing skill combined with the modern digital publishing and engagement skills. Digital, print, broadcast — no one is doing it better than the Cronkite School.”

Frank Blethen, ASU class of ’68 and publisher, The Seattle Times