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2006 Student Awards (For work produced in calendar year 2005)

Broadcast Education Association
Best of Festival Winner: Ian Schwartz

Radio Sports Reporting
1st place: Elias Johnson and Justin Karp

TV News Reporting
2nd: Jeff Stensland

TV News Reporting
3rd: Elizabeth Herrgott

General News
1st: Ian Schwarz
“Airport Parking Fees”

Radio Hard News Reporting
Finalist: William Pitts
“Police Officer Violence”

Radio Feature Reporting
3rd: Michiko Howlett
“Open Mike”

Hearst Journalism Awards

Feature Writing
1st: Nicole Williams
16th: Erika Wurst

Radio Feature Reporting
1st: Michiko Howlett
7th: Sam Gavin

Spot News Reporting
6th: Amanda Keim
10th: Brian Indrelunas

Editorial/Column Writing
8th: Tyler Thompson

Personality Profile
10th: Megan Irwin

In-Depth Reporting
10th Jennifer Girardin
16th: Ryan Kost

Sports Writing
19th (tie): Beth Cochran and James Schmehl

Radio News Reporting
7th: Carrie Marchese
8th: Mike Daniels

Television Feature Reporting
8th: Ian Schwartz
13th Monique Griego

Television News Reporting
9th: Ian Schwartz

NASA Means Business Competition
1st: Public Relations Campaign Class

Society of Professional Journalists—National Mark of Excellence

First Place

TV Feature
Ian Schwartz

TV Feature

TV Newscast
“ASU NewsWatch”

Radio News Reporting
William Pitts
“Police Officer Violence”

Online Sports Reporting
Adam Wright
“Hoops & Hollers….”

Society of Professional Journalists—Region 11 Mark of Excellence

TV Breaking News Reporting
1st: Adriana Alvarado
“Snow Storm”

TV Feature
1st: Zahid Arab
“Crime Scene Cleanup”

Online News Reporting
1st: Sky Schaudt
“Cruising the freeway…”
2nd: Chris Sheppard

TV News Photography
2nd: Ian Schwartz
“Airport Parking Fees”
3rd: Adriana Alvarado
“Snow Storm”

TV Feature Photography
1st: Jeff Stensland
2nd: Jeff Aguila
3rd: (tie): Jeff Aguila
“Coupon Sense”
3rd: (Tie)
Zahid Arab
“Yo Yo Champ”

In-Depth Reporting
2nd: Ryan Kost
“University Cooling Costs”
3rd: Lynh Bui
“Foot in the door”

TV Sports Reporting
2nd: Josh Careswell
“Bordes Brothers”

Online Feature Reporting
2nd: Keith Chartier
“For the little people”

Online In-Depth Reporting
1st: Stephen Harding
“Nations within a nation”
2nd: Staff
3rd: Shannon Cook, Callie Parkinson, Jessica White
“Public Art @ ASU”

General Column Writing
1st: Tracy Franks

Online Feature Reporting
1st: Audrey Froehlich
“In this skin”

Online Opinion & Commentary
1st: Dianna Nanez
2nd: Lindsey Gay
“Politically Inactive”

General News Reporting
2nd: Sarah Muench
“Mexican culture…”

Sports Writing
2nd: Kyle Odegard
“Devils bound for Insight Bowl”

Radio News Reporting
1st: William Pitts
“Police Officer Violence”

TV In-Depth Reporting
1st: Carina Sonn
“Human Smuggling”

Best All-Around Online Newspaper
Staff: “The ASU Web Devil”

Best All-Around Daily Newspaper
2nd: Staff
“State Press”

Best All-Around Independent Online
2nd: Staff
“The Devil’s Tale Fall 2005”

Best All-Around Independent Online
1st: Staff
“The Devil’s Tale Spring 2005”