Cronkite Parents Community (CPC@DPC)

The Cronkite Parents Community (CPC@DPC) is an all-volunteer auxiliary organization with two goals: 1) to support students in their college experience and provide a nurturing presence at the times when students adjusting to college most need it and 2) to provide a community for parents adjusting to their students being away from home.

The community plans to host several low-key but high-impact events each semester, to include the following:

  • A card-sending campaign in mid-September
  • A tailgate party at the Family Weekend football game
  • Participation in one of Cronkite’s weekly movie nights (where parents will serve popcorn)
  • Root-beer-float party on one football away-game night as the game is broadcast on the Cronkite big screen
  • Serving smoothies (or similar treats) during Finals Week

There is no cost to participate, though if you are affiliated with a corporation or organization that can donate materials (smoothie ingredients, for instance), such contributions are welcome.

To get involved, fill out the form embedded below. You can also use this form to sign up for the Cronkite School’s parents listserve.