Career Services

The Cronkite School’s full-time director of career services works closely with students to find internships and jobs.

Mike Wong organizes six internship fairs on campus and oversees about 600 internships each year. He also teaches a required class in career preparation and connects students and alumni to jobs in their fields.

Cronkite faculty members, who maintain extensive professional contacts across the country and around the world, also are active in assisting students as they search for just the right internships or jobs.

Students in the Journalism and Mass Communication degree program are required to complete at least one professional-level internship for credit, but many students do four, five or even six internships before they graduate. The school closely supervises internships to ensure students are getting a quality experience.

Each semester, the school sponsors three internship fairs, bringing in about 100 employers to interview students. Students also can learn about internship and job openings by following Wong on Twitter account and by reading his weekly e-newsletter that lists part-time jobs and freelance and internship opportunities.

Wong also posts opportunities in the Cronkite School’s LinkedIn alumni group.

As part of their required internship, students must complete a seven-week career preparation seminar. The seminar covers resume writing, interviewing, networking and other aspects of an effective job search.

Students and employers should contact the Cronkite Office of Career Services for specific requirements and guidelines of participation in Cronkite’s internship program.

The following hold true for all Cronkite School internship programs:

  • Each semester, employers and students participate in a one-day, on-campus internship fair.
  • Only those employers who view interns as "professionals" in training and agree to assign them a variety of duties and responsibilities similar to those given to entry-level employees can participate in the internship program.
  • Students are required to register for internships either for fieldwork or upper division credits. Mandatory meetings and evaluations are part of the course assignments.
  • Internships can be paid or unpaid. Employers are encouraged to compensate students with an hourly wage during the semester or with an end-of-the-semester stipend upon successful completion of the internship.
  • During fall and spring semesters, interns work between 12 and 20 hours per week in semester-long internships. For the summer, interns are allowed to work between 12-40 hours/week. Interns are not required to work during university holidays or academic breaks, although many students elect to do so. If necessary, different start and end dates can be arranged between the student and the employer.
  • All employers must have a signed Student Placement Agreement on file with the Cronkite School. This document will be provided by the internship director before the start of the internship.

For all internships, contact Wong at 602.496.5055 or